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Student Life | Legacy Peak

Student Life at Legacy Peak


Transportation is provided by the district office. You can coordinate unique needs and learn more at the transportation department

Fees and Supplies

Student fees and supplies vary by activity. Each year we post every student fee that we may have for each activity, be it Chess Club or field trips.

See Student Fees

The School Day

8:10am first bell

8:15am tardy bell

3:15pm last bell

Lunch Schedule-

K: Lunch (10:50 am-11:10am)                                   1st: Recess (10:50 am-11:10am)

      Recess (11:10am-11:30am)                                           Lunch (11:10-11:30am)

2nd: Lunch (11:30-11:50am)                                  3rd: Recess (11:30-11:50am)

           Recess (11:50-12:10pm)                                             Lunch (11:50-12:10pm)

4th: Lunch (12:10-12:30pm)           5th: Recess (12:10-12:30pm)

Recess (12:30-12:50pm) Lunch (12:30-12:50)

Breakfast and Lunch Menu (click on link)

The Grove (Library)

At Legacy Peak, we want students to grow in their love for reading, so students are encouraged to choose books that interest them. In order to help with this, the library at Legacy Peak is organized by genre instead of just alphabetical, often called the book store model. We believe that this will make it easier for students to find what interests them. Students will be taught how to use our online catalog and self check out stations, as well as, how to use our library in the PBL projects.  

Search our library collection 

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