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Academics at Legacy Peak

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Legacy Peak Elementary educates, empowers and engages students via project based learning, an authentic approach that captures the heart and passions of students and teaches them how to use that knowledge in real life situations. More about PBL

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Our priority (even above academics) is that each student knows how to navigate who they are as a human and the implications of being social beings.  Without a healthy SEL focus all the academics in the world will only take you so far.  SEL is the horse that pulls the cart of academics.  We believe that PBL is the best way to access a healthy SEL.  Every project offers incredible opportunities to build a solid understanding of SEL.  We call our SEL skills Habits of Success.  Here are the Habits of Success (HoS) we focus on in each grade level (although any HoS can be used with any project/grade level):

Kinder: Independence, Focus, Kindness, Communication

1st Grade: Responsibility, Growth Mindset, Empathy, Respect

2nd Grade: Collaboration, Self-Direction, Conflict Management, Self-Control

3rd Grade: Inquiry/Curiosity, Resiliency, Ownership, Discover Value

4th Grade: Risk-Taking, Creativity, Trust, Positivity

5th Grade: Critical Thinking, Agency, Confidence, Humility, Integrity

SEL also encompases the work we do with Sources of Strength and RULER listed below.

Special Education

We value each student as an individual and encourage each student to reach his/her full potential. If you have questions about special education or want to learn more, visit our special education department.

Clubs and Organizations

We value extra-curricular activities and see them as a great tool for learning and socialization. 

Talented and Gifted

We offer Talented and Gifted programming for students with exceptional abilities. Learn more about TAG.

Sources of Strength

Legacy Peak is piloting this evidence-based, upstream prevention program that employs a strength-based wellness approach to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. This program has been implemented in middle and high schools, but this elementary pilot helps our students develop strengths, healthy relationships, and emotional intelligence, build resiliency, cultivate healthy connections with peers and adults, establish positive coping strategies, and develop early help-seeking in themselves and others. Below are the eight elements that Sources includes in the curriculum.

You can visit their website here.

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A district wide initiative, RULER is a program primarily for our elementary schools students. It supports relationships and wellbeing by teaching how to identify, understand and manage our emotions while expressing concern and compassion towards others. It does this by using four Anchor Tools, the Charter, Mood Meter, Meta-Moment and Blueprint.