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About Us

About Us

Legacy Peak Elementary is on Academy District 20's 83-acre, Pre-K-12 master planned campus. Our school is PreK through 5th Grade with a total of approximately 570 students.

Legacy Peak Elementary educates, empowers and engages students via project based learning, an authentic approach that captures the heart and passions of students and teaches them how to use that knowledge in real life situations.

​Meet the Principal

Jonathan Johnson

"I believe education must changeFor too long it has only asked our students to comply, memorize, and regurgitate.  Learning must authentically engage and draw on the uniqueness of what each student has to give and recieve.  More is available for those that take charge of their learning and seek the perspective and wisdom of those around them.  At Legacy Peak Elementary we will pursue this with all our hearts through academic and social emotional learning based in projects.

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​Meet our Team

We are currently selecting the best and brightest in their field to join the Legacy Peak Elementary Team.