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Legacy Peak Elementary

About Legacy Peak Elementary

Legacy Peak Elementary educates, empowers and engages students via project based learning, an authentic approach that captures the heart and passions of students and teaches them how to use that knowledge in real life situations.

Scheduled to open fall 2018, Legacy Peak Elementary is the first project on Academy District 20's 83-acre, Pre-K-12 master planned campus. The school will house 600 preschool through fifth grade students and will have a learning commons, gymnasium, cafeteria, art, music and flex spaces for 21st Century learning.

Enrollment for new families in the Legacy Peak Elementary attendance area begins March 1st.


If you think Legacy Peak Elementary is a good fit for your student, contact Central Registry right away at 719-234-1200, or call us direct at 719-234-1569. 

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What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning (PBL), unearths and taps into a student’s core interests and curiosities. Students face the questions, problems and challenges that matter most to them and then connect those questions, problems and challenges to a real life project. Learn more about Project Based Learning

Why Project Based Learning?

Until recently, the design of education was more than 100 years old and focused on the needs of the industrial revolution.  Today, we have completely different needs as a society and economy.  Today's communities need schools that build the capacity of  students to think outside the box, collaborate, communicate, lead and engage – not just in the classroom but in real life situations. 

Upcoming Events

10/30/2018 8:30 AM Hearing and Vision Screenings for 2018/19 School Year 
We will need 2 to 3 parent volunteers to help with student flow during the screening
11/13/2018 8:30 AM Hearing and Vision Screenings for 2018/19 School Year 
Rescreen hearing and vision failures and students who were absent on the 30th