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​What is Project Based Learning? 

Project Based Learning (PBL), unearths and taps into a student’s core interests and curiosities. Students face the questions, problems and challenges that matter most to them and then connect those questions, problems and challenges to a real life project.  


From small hour-long projects that require just one person all the way to large-scale group projects that take semesters to achieve, students engage and learn critical thinking and problem solving skills throughout each step of the project. We carefully design these projects and lessons to blend the core educational areas into relevant and timely projects that help our students learn more deeply and authentically.

​Project Based Learning Resources

Our children need a way to learn that engages the heart, mind, and soul while preparing them for the world they live in.  Through Project Based Learning (PBL) your child will actively learn in authentic and tangible ways.  Masterful teachers weave core content and standards into projects that students help shape and direct.  

Take a look at the resources on these websites:

New Tech Network is a non-profit organization solely devoted to PBL in schools.

Edutopia  is an amazing website developed by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.  All the greatness in current education reform and innovation is found here.  Just search for Project Based Learning and you will find many articles/videos to help.

Buck Institute is another non-profit that supports PBL.  Go to their resources tab and you'll find LOTS of information.

Ken Robinson still has the best summary to the history of education and why a methodology like PBL is important.  You will see why our paradigm of education must shift!

 Jo Boaler addresses the significance of the growth mindset through learning math.  We will really work on the growth mindset through PBL.  Check out her website called youcubed and find tons of resources for math!